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Originally Posted by Buffetbelly View Post
I recommend spending 8 hoursa a day eating. It doesn't matter what you eat. It could be salad. If you eat steadily for 8 hours --even taking breaks for tummy rubs --you will gain weight rapidly.

Seriously, whenever I chat with feedees who are having trouble gaining it always turns out they are not dedicating enough hours to eating. If you are not eating at least one quarter of your waking hours, you're just not going to cut it as a feedee.
Wow! 8 hours of eating a day?
That's crazy.
I have a huge appetite but I don't think I could handle that. haha
Sounds like fun though. Do you or someone you know actually do that?

Also, I agree with the people who said gaining weight too fast is a bad thing.
Gaining weight can be good fun, but gradually is a better route.
I mean, it is your body after all.
Purposely gaining lots of weight is not exactly doctor approved to begin with, but doing it super fast is probably tons worse for you.
Might as well do it as safely as possible, the way I see it.
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