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Originally Posted by k1009 View Post
I didn't notice and I'm sure I'm not alone. You shouldn't leave just because of a few newbie mistakes... happens in every single web community, nature of the beast. I'm pretty sure I've made dozens but I've yet to be tarred and feathered I like Dimensions, it's nice to be able to talk about fat without having to apologise for it or pretend I'm really trying to lose it. Maybe you feel the same way?

The internets: pwning us all since at least last week .
well i honestly dont understand why if this is suppose to be a community, whre people support eachother.. wats so wrong if i like to show off my progresss... people are just nasty where ever you go... and how are we suppose to help the world realize that being B&B is a wonderful if we are constantly bringing eachother down..
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