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th mos fattening food of all is sugary greasy junk food. however if you want the bes compromise and on a budget look for high quality sushi rice from korea as low as 10 lbs for $12.50 , buy a pint of bullion or consomme powder, some good soy sauce, a dzen large onions, other veggies, spend $25-35 for a decent rice cooker-aluminum not teflon coated-and with common sense and few cooking skills you have the basis of a sumo diet. add some high quality omega 3 oil like unheated raw hemp oil-its legal and tastes better than other raw oils- to slather over the bowl of rice with delicious easy to make soup and you have the healthy alternative to sugar and lard based pastries. yes its only half as fattening but if you gorge and eat tice as much because you arent sick of eating after half as much sugary lardy pastries you will not only be healthier but grow a much bigger belly from eating so much. hard to recommend meat or fish because its s contaminated at the top of the food chain. its also much cheaper to buy a $30 rice cooker and 10 lb bags of rice, white or brown than buy junk food or even chinese take out. if you have skills you can bake bread without junky ingredients. the key is home cooking. you control the ingredients and yo avoid the junk fopod that costs so much and makes fat people get sick often before 300. hope that helps.
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