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Part Three

Because of Julia’s prior successes, Julia’s ‘Figure Troubles’ (the term she coined to describe her weight gain) did not result in her immediate expulsion from the Model House. She was, however, officially put on notice. She had two weeks to shape up, or else.

During those two weeks, though, she found that exercise and diet were just as arduous as they had been before. After just a few sit-ups, Julia was winded and in pain. She wasn’t strong enough to do even a single push-up, and running made her feel like a flabby, sweaty mess.

Her dieting efforts fared just as poorly. During the day, she ordered small portions of fruit and vegetables to keep up the appearance of trying, but at midnight she snuck out to the kitchen to get fattening snacks. She carted off boxes of donuts, gallons of ice cream, and dozens of candy bars up to her room to munch on.

The two weeks passed before she knew it, and Julia soon found herself on a scale. The ominous number 141 was displayed, which meant she had gained nearly thirty pounds, and five of those during the two weeks she was supposed to be trying to lose weight. During this time of shame, she had not landed a single modeling job. The producers ordered her to leave the Model House, and when Julia walked out onto the beach, dozens of cameras were trained on her. Each hoped to catch a new curve or a jiggle in her walk, to show just how much she had fallen.

With a heavy heart, she decided to head home, far away from California and its impossibly harsh standards. Her parents lived near Cincinnati. When she greeted them, they both expressed sympathy for how her adventure in reality TV had gone. By the time she was heading to their house, she was already feeling better. She had lived so long in such a competitive environment that she had forgotten how fat other people besides her often were. On the plane ride over, she read an article stating the average American woman was now 163 pounds. She was still well below average!

The first thing Julia did when she got settled in her old room was to meet up with her old best friend. When Linda arrived to meet her at a coffee shop, Julia felt a surge of confidence. Linda had always been on the heavy side, and now it appeared that her weight might be near 200 pounds. Next to Linda, Julia thought, she was skinny as a rail.

“Wow, you’ve sure been packing it away,” Julia said as her friend took a seat. “Be careful with those chairs – they might break on you.”

“I see you’re in a good mood,” Lind so she put up with perpetual abuse.

“No, really,” Julia continued, “You’ve become quite large.”

“You’re one to talk,” Linda said. “Didn’t you just get kicked off a reality show because of your own weight gain?”

“But that’s the best part,” Julia said with a wide grin on her chubby cheeks. “I did, but I’m still so much thinner than you are. My puffy face is nothing compared to your fat mug. My tummy is tiny beside that big, beach ball sized gut you’ve got. Your boobs are bigger, but they are so large they are hanging down on the sides of your tummy.”

“Are you done?” Linda asked. Julia smiled. She was never truly done.

Over the next few weeks, Julia continued to eat what she wanted, emboldened by the fact that she was still thinner than most other women. Still, living with her parents after being a star so recently felt restrictive, and she soon decided to go clubbing and try to find a boyfriend. She had to talk Linda into going with her, but of course her friend agreed in the end.

When Linda picked Julia up, she found her friend was still thin enough to wear designer clothes.

“I’m not even technically in the plus sized section – unlike yourself,” Julia said as she strutted around in her outfit. “My thick thighs and wobbly tummy can still be disguised with a bit of hard work. You, on the other hand, really are a lost cause. Just look at that fat ass,” she said, giving it a playful pat.

“Come on, Julia, ease up, ok?” Linda complained. “You know I have self esteem issues.”

“Fine,” Julia curtly replied, and lit up a cigarette inside Linda’s car.

“Can you not smoke in here?” Linda said, coughing it a little. Julia rolled down the window, but did not put it out.

When the arrived at the club, Julia made sure to stay as close to Linda as possible, hoping the contrast would lead everyone to perceive her as thin. Her clothing – a leather top with a short but billowy skirt – was form fitting enough to show off her impressive cleavage, but hid most of her other growing curves well enough in the low light.

The plan worked like a charm. Julia found herself a near-constant target of male attention. She didn’t engage with any man directly – Julia, ego big as ever, preferred to wait until the best man possible presented himself.

Her patience was ultimately rewarded. A tall man in his late thirties danced his way towards her, wearing a black silk shirt and a pair of sunglasses Julia recognized from her modeling days. She knew that they had a list price of over $2000. This man was a keeper.

“Hello, pretty one, I’m Edwin,” he said as soon as there was a break in the music. He had an exotic accent that Julia didn’t quite recognize.

“Hi,” Julia replied, inching away from him just slightly. She knew he’d be more interested if he perceived there to b a thrill to the chase.

“Do I know you?” he asked.

“No, but you might have seen my face on some advertisements for sunglasses,” she said, batting her eyes.

“That’s it. You were on TV recently. The ‘Model House,’ right?” he asked excitedly.

Julia replied by lowering her head with shame. If he knew her from her humiliating debacle on reality television, her chances of snagging him were nil.

“I know it’s you, Julia, right?” Edwin continued. “I loved your character, you were my favorite.”

“Really?” Julia asked, her face quickly rising.

“Yes, I was so sad to see you go,” Edwin continued. “I hope this doesn’t mean your modeling days are done.”

“Well, you never know,” Julia said coyly, already feeling back on her game. The music resumed, and Edwin was forced to lean down and whisper into Julia’s ear to be heard.

“I have some friends in the advertising business, I could help with that,” Edwin said. “But I’d really love to get some shots for my private collection as well. Come back to my place and we can discuss this further.”

Julia felt a little nervous. She didn’t know this guy, and what he was saying sounded almost too good to be true. Perhaps if she had some backup, she’d be safer?

“Only if my friend can come too,” Julia stipulated through a whispered reply, and gestured to Linda. Edwin looked the heavy girl up and down, and turned back to Julia with a smile.

“Of course. I was just about to invite her as well, in fact,” Edwin said. “Let’s go.”

“Linda, we’re going,” Julia shouted to Linda, who was shimmying with wanton abandon and who was getting very little male attention.

“Going where?” Linda replied.

“We’re going with my new friend Edwin. He says he might have a modeling gig for me,” Julia said.

“At one on the morning?” Linda asked.

“No, not right at this minute. But eventually,” Julia tried to explain. “Just come on.”

“I don’t know,” Linda said. “Why should I come with you? Does he have a contract for me, too?”

“Look,” Julia said as she pulled her friend aside. “This guy is loaded. He might just want to pay for the pictures himself. I just want a buddy for safety, ok? Just do it for me as a friend.”

Linda raised an eyebrow, hinting that their friendship was so strained that playing the ‘friend card’ might not cut it.

“How many rich guys are in your social circle? Aren’t you still working in retail? Come on, this will be good for both of us,” she promised, though she had no intention of helping her once the time came.

“Oh, all right,” Linda said reluctantly. “But you owe me. No more jokes about my weight,” Linda instructed.

“You have my word,” Julia said, “...lardass,” she finished under her breath.

“What did you say?” Linda sputtered.

“I said, ‘you have my word, Linda,” Julia lied.

“Everything OK between you girls?” Edwin asked as he walked over to them.

“Just fine,” Julia said with a smile. “Let’s get out of here.”

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