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October 17, 2010

As Stan parked in front of Mrs. Dalloway's bakery he felt his heart racing. He paused for a moment to take a deep breath. This is really happening. I'm really going to do it, he thought.

He entered the shop and greeted the college girl at the register. Stan always forgot her name, but he noticed that she had packed on the pounds since taking over some of Franny's shifts a couple of years ago. Stan noticed her fuller double chin and deeper cleavage that plunged well beneath her v neck shirt.

"I just finished filling them!" Mrs. Dalloway shouted with excitement as she burst through the kitchen doors. She beckoned to Stan, "Now come on, come on, let's find a place to hide it."

The two stood before a pastry box filled with a dozen freshly made profiteroles. They were a new recipe for Mrs. Dalloway and a current Franny favorite. The two women worked hard to perfect the cream puffs. As with all of the baker's concoctions, Mrs. Dalloway baked and Franny did the taste tests.

"So let's see it," said Mrs. Dalloway with a frantic wave of her hands.

Stan cautiously reached into his shirt pocket and retrieved a modest diamond engagement ring.

"Oh, it's lovely!" Mrs. Dalloway exclaimed. "Now which one should we put it in?" Scanning the cream puffs she pointed to a large one in the corner, "That one's perfect! But we need to mark it so you know which one it is." She retrieved a tube of chocolate icing and marked a small "X" on the top. "There! We wouldn't want our Franny to swallow this gem, now would we?"


Stan returned to his car and carefully stowed the profiteroles. He fought down the urge to second guess his plan. No, no, the time is right. It's now or never , he thought to himself. He knew Franny was the girl for him. During seven happy years Stan never once doubted that they should be together, and now he was ready to gamble that Franny would agree.

Having graduated from the writing program last May, Franny got a part-time teaching job at a local community college. The job allowed her to stay part-time at the bakery and perhaps even have a little time to keep up her writing. Stan feared that Franny would once again fall prey to distractions now that she was done with grad school, but he hoped she would focus enough to get her book proposal out to publishers.

But Stan hoped even more that a start on her writing career would help Franny feel more ready to settle down. And he hoped most of all that he was the one she'd choose to settle down with.

His heart fluttered when he thought of Franny. She was smart and beautiful, but what he liked best is that he never knew what she would say or do next. With most people, Stan could predict their behavior, but Franny was different.

Stan expected Franny's weight gain to slow. He had even prepared himself that she might one day try to diet, and he was okay with that. He knew he loved Franny as a person first and foremost, so her size was more of a bonus than a necessity. Nevertheless, Franny kept getting bigger and bigger and bigger and Stan was thrilled by the arrival of each ounce.

When they met, Franny was a mid-sized young woman with round hips, thick thighs, and a hefty rear end. Yes, she was fat, but her dimensions weren't extraordinary. Now, after seven years of steady weight gain, she was a supersized knockout.

Franny's pear shape filled out such that her hips bulged from her high waist to make two soft pillows at her sides. Her big bottom became a protruding shelf that extended out from her lower back. Thick thighs grew thicker with several folds of fat and wide knees that started to blur the boundary between thigh and calf.

Stan didn't know her exact weight but he knew she was well beyond 400 pounds and almost certainly closer to 500. Stan saw Franny as his fantasy in the flesh, and most of the time he didn't dare to dream of more. But there were moments, usually at night, when he would gaze upon her billowing body and imagine her even bigger. He dreamed sometimes of her body filling the bed as it overflowed with folds upon folds of fat.

But now Stan turned his attention back to his plan for the day, and he felt his hands start to tremble. He was nervous because he had no idea if Franny would accept his proposal, but he was also nervous because he hadn't told Franny about the rumors.

People at work were talking that the company might shut down their Iowa City lab and move all operations to their main facilities outside of Fargo. Stan wasn't worried about losing his job, but he was a little afraid of losing Franny. Even after all this time he never shook the feeling that she was a little out of his league. And several times in the past month he asked himself, If I had to move to Fargo would Franny move, too? He was never sure of the answer.

Every time he brought up marriage, Franny either joked it off or said that she couldn't even think of it until she was done with grad school. Now she no longer had the grad school excuse so Stan wondered what he would do if she joked it off this time. He had been careful to avoid talk of marriage for the past couple of years, knowing that his chance would come. But now that his chance had arrived, he was scared stiff.


"What's with all the secrecy?"

Stan pulled into the parking space and turned to face Franny, "What do you mean?" On the outside he did his best to sound casual, but inside he was freaking out.

"Well for one, you won't tell me what you packed for picnic food," said Franny as she counted on her fingers. "And second, you wouldn't tell me where we're going."

"Isn't it nice to be surprised every once in a while?" Stan replied.

Franny eyed him suspiciously. "And third, you're acting weird."

Stan did his best to laugh it off as he got out of the car and walked to the passenger's side. He opened the car door for Franny and held out his hands to help pull her up out of the car and into a standing position. He started doing this years ago as a gesture of courtesy, but as Franny grew larger, he could tell that she appreciated the help. Stan had to lean back to offset the force of her hands pulling on him as she rose.

They made their way to the picnic spot that Stan spent most of a day trying to find. It had to be perfect. He wanted it to be secluded, but he had to think of Franny's needs. She didn't like to walk too far these days, and she sometimes had trouble with inclines and uneven ground. But he found what he was looking for, and when they arrived at the location he picked out, he smiled to Franny and said, "We're here!"

"Looks like a nice spot, Stanley, want me to get down on the ground?"

Stan had anticipated this resistance. Recently Franny was finding certain types of activity difficult. "Don't worry, baby. I'll help you down."

"It's not going down I'm worried about," she replied. "It's getting back up." Nevertheless, she took hold of Stan's arm for support and gently lowered her bulky body onto the picnic blanket.

Stan prepared a vast feast, but the main course was a massive casserole dish of homemade macaroni and cheese. It was one of Franny's favorites, and it pleased Stan to make food she liked. He made the dish with loads of butter and several full fat cheeses. Stan felt a little bad for using such high calorie ingredients, but the way Franny enjoyed the meal assuaged his guilt.

The two ate and talked, and Stan managed to get through the meal without sweating through his shirt. But then the inevitable happened.

"This has been great, Stanley, but what's for dessert?"

He forced down his fright and retrieved the box from Mrs. Dalloway's.

"Ooooh, profiteroles!" Franny exclaimed, and reached immediately for the one marked with the chocolate "X."

"Save that one for last. Okay, baby?"

Franny gave him another suspicious look, but she complied and started popping cream puffs into her mouth. Stan had barely nibbled on his first before Franny had already finished her fourth. It wasn't long before the box contained one lone profiterole.

With her mouth full of cream puffs, Franny pointed to the last one and said, "Can I eat this now?"

Stan smiled meekly and said, "There's something inside...a...surprise." Intrigued, Franny pressed her finger into the sweet cream and pulled out the ring.

"Will you marry me, Franny?"

With tears in her eyes she said, "Yes," and popped the last profiterole into her mouth. The ring, made slippery by the cream filling, slid easily onto her finger.
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