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Default "Health" Question

Okay, so recently I lost my job....well, 8 months ago and since then I have noticed I have been eating more and went from 290 to 340. I have also noticed that my slightly drupping tummy has started to sag further and has started brushing against my ::cough::. It is really quite bothersome and kind of annoying. I also noticed that my tummy is sticking to me (the kind of stick when it is a really hot humid summer day and you touch some one and you stick) and am adjusting myself more in public whether it be standing or sitting. I have tried various powders and they end up feeling nasty by the end of the day and I tired letting it hang over my boxers or pants but end up with "rug" burn.

Any kind of advice, tips, tricks, stories, adventures, tales or yarns that could help. Hell you could make me feel less aqward by telling a "coming of age" story...yeeeeah.
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