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Originally Posted by voidhead View Post
Can we just stop beating around the bush for 2 seconds?

The bottom line is that I think most male FAs have a comfort zone, being very visual in terms of sexual attraction as all men are, in terms of size for a partner.

This comfort zone isn't a specific weight, it's just a general size. If a woman is too thin and fits outside the comfort zone, it's difficult to develop and maintain an erection while trying to engage her in sex.

When Haunted says: "Now this is probably shallow but if she were 150 lbs I'd probably have a problem desiring her physically." ...

... Umm not it's not shallow because if you can't get it up and have sex you can't get it up. It's not something you should feel bad about! The girl is not turning you on. A physical component to a relationship is very important.

I think the "comfort zone" fluctuates throughout an FAs life, but I'm willing to bet many FAs out there have had that experience where you've tried to have sex with normal or chubby girls and you were into them, but physically you just could not develop and/or maintain an erection, and that you felt you were "forcing" yourself to become erect in the first place in order to consummate the sex act.

As an interesting side note, I think watching SSBBW porn has a negative effect on the comfort zone, in that smaller girls who might have done it for you before are now too small.

Does anyone else feel this way?
Thats where imagination comes into play...Its not impossible to maintain an erection or have sex with someone that may be outside of the our normal type of woman...just requires a tad more effort.
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