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Post Trying things to grow my booty = ) (Yam root)


First I want to thank you for send me tips about how make my booty bigger = )

I want to say that I start a new diet that promise to get some inches in my lower body = )

I start to take vitamins in the morning and afternoon lunch that include raw yam. Yes ><, raw but I mix it with fruits and suggar. I use the blender so sometimes it looks like a translucid "goo", that I swalow at once (without taste) ad then I put my hand in my belly and say: go and work in my booty! (*ch1ld*ish thing I think, blush, but I hope it works). It is the first week. I will let you know if it will increase some inch (or inches) in my booty = ) Right now I feel my belly a little smaller. Maybe it is working already...= )

I will try to write more and share what already happen and what is happing with me in order you understand why and how I could grow my booty (when I say that I also mean my hips and upper thighs, but specially my booty area)

Sorry for my bad English. It is something that I think that narrow my way to find and ask for help.

Thank you for helping me.

= )
Carol Oliveira

P.S.: the reason I start to include yam in my diet it is because an article called: "Possible steatopygia in prehistoric central Japan: evidence from clay figurines". They say that "protruding buttock" are associate with wild yam diet. I also know that there are some African populations that have a lot of case of steatopygia. I am trying to find what foods they eat and then I will eat too = )
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