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Originally Posted by mcbeth View Post
I recently went to Disneyland and they have lots of rides that are fat friendly. I'm a BBW and was able to ride everything I tried. My cousin who is a SSBBW was able to ride a lot of things too (they have several boat rides that don't have any belts or lap bars or anything). The one thing she mentioned was that it can be a bit difficult to climb in and out of the boats - but there are hand rails, and she was able to pull herself up with those. But fitting in most rides was really not a problem.

She is probably 200 pounds more than you, and rode the Winnie the Pooh ride. We asked the woman who was guiding people into the little beehive cars which part of the car my cousin should ride in, and she said the front would have the most room, and that lap bars don't actually have to go down at all.

That ride worker, and the workers who helped with the seating on several of the rides we went on, were also quite fat. It made me wonder whether it was an intentional decision by Disneyland in order to help fat people feel comfortable if they have seating needs or questions or problems.
I also sat in the front and the lap bar came down on me, quite uncomfortably. Perhaps it was the luck of the draw. Oh well.
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