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Originally Posted by Blackjack View Post
Surprise! Where there's more people there will be more fat people. Who would've thought?
@Blackjack, what possible contribution to this discussion is your snarky attempt to invalidate my experience? Please tell me. I'd really like to know. And while your at it, please explain to me how your ignorant comment is supposed to inspire to me share more personal experiences with the FA/FFA community? And in your presumed wisdom, would you mind explaining to the readers of this board, how it is that you know for a fact that what I observed last week was typical for large crowds and not something unsual as I asserted? Where you there at Disneyland as the same time as me? And have you been at every large crowd I've experienced throughout my life so that you can authoritatively dismiss my obervation of a unusually large number of BBWs and BHMs at Disneyland last week?

Of course not.

This is what I find so tiring about Dimensions. Ever wonder why there are so many lurkers? Why should I or anyone else share a personal experience when to do so, is to invite snarkiness and sarcasm?

Does anyone really think that Conrad created Dimensions Magazine, this website, and this forum in particular to trick unsuspecting FAs into sharing personal experiences so that they can be treated rudely? If you do, I strongly suggest that you pull your head out of your bottom and actually read the posts he's made. It's just the opposite! Conrad has done all of this from the goodness of his heart (and wallet) precisely so that FAs and BBWs can have a place of their own, safe from the cruelty of fat-haters.

And yet Blackjack and many of the high-post-count regulars continue to undermine the very values of this website and this forum in particular.

I've been a member of Dimensions online from the very beginning, circa 1994 and this self-hating culture of bullying each other was as true then as it is now. If your goal is to get more people to join the discussion, open up, and share then you've failed miserably.

Honestly, it's times like this that makes me wonder why Conrad even bothers anymore.
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