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Originally Posted by LillyBBBW View Post
Ehh, so so. Hunger has been exceptional for me lately and I felt compelled to finally give in to it and get it over with. Strangely enough it's difficult to eat whatever I want when whatever I want isn't available. I filled in the blanks with yellow delicious apples which was wise but disappointing. I went to bed a bit cranky that day. C'est la vie!
Too bad. You should try it again some day...but IMHO yellow apples are only good in the now they've been sitting in cold storage for months. At least the ones I get here in NY. Craving out-of-season fruit is definitely a prescription for frustration. I'm waiting to find out if the earthquake in Chile spared the blueberry farms, because if not it'll be a long four months until the local ones hit the market.

What are you craving today?
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