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Azrael does more than just post hot picsAzrael does more than just post hot picsAzrael does more than just post hot picsAzrael does more than just post hot pics

You want replys? Okay, you'll get a replay however I've never been in one of those relationships so you're only going to get some assumptions based on what I expect and what I know from other individual's experiences.
So, here goes.

First off, it depends on the relationship. There are some relationships which are primarily sexual while others are much more emotional. Assuming there is a connection beyond weight it will not be as sexual as some feeder/feedee or BBW/FA relationships. If you don't have anything that bonds you with this person beyond the weight gain my own question is to ask why are you even with them? If there's nothing beyond the weight gain the relationship will be primarily based around the fetish and it will most likely tank. Most relationships that are only based around sex and fetishism kinda go like that.

Some roadblocks are ofcourse the issues that the women might end up with due to weight gain. Not everybody takes weight gain the same. While some people may have confidence issues others might have health issues so you shouldn't assume that she will reach the weight limit of 550. There are others who may also get somewhat addicted to it and decide to go over their limit you must expect that to also be a possibility as well. Let's also not forget that if there's weight gain involved....there's going to be money issues. You need to make sure that there is enough money to keep on the weight gain as well ofcourse clothing and you need to make sure your lover is comfortable, caring for an SSBBW will be no easy task.

There, that is some of the issues which may prop up.
Just some, there are likely more but meh.
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