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Vice Admiral D can now be the recipient of "two cans" jokesVice Admiral D can now be the recipient of "two cans" jokes

Thank you very much for the kind words; I'm not so sure about the resemblance though. But her pose was my guide!

You pointed out the concept of exaggeration and it's something I'm conscious of. However, this being the Weight Board (fantasy and real life WG, as opposed to me going to the "Fine Art" board here) a lot of my drawings have been guilty of some improbable attributes, which is why I'm wary of attempting faces of the well known models who frequent the boards. (for a few reasons: I doubt I could capture their likeness, and I would hate to offend them!).
So while my drawings might vary in their "size" sometimes focusing on hips, belly, or bosom, I try not to go to overboard, because shapeless mass is NOT appealing to me, though cartoon like mega size can be fun to see! (like Imtherubicon's work, cute faces and impossible anatomy!)

That said, Sable is damn pretty, and I don't think even the talented artists here could make her "sexier"!

Again, thanks for the encouraging words!
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