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Default Thoughts on touching

I believe I already posted about a childhood friend of mine I have known since elementary school that had done a fair amount of yo-yoing weight-wise for most of his life. I may have mentioned he showed me a photo of himself at his heaviest and asked me if I remembered him being that big. He told me he was considering gaining back some weight. He was the biggest eater among my group of friends. I was second but my metabolism was fast and I never really gained mass and size until my mid-20s when I started lifting weights. Fast forward now to 2017 where he lost 50-75lbs after what he said was a weight loss challenge at his work while I have achieved my goal weight of 250lbs for the second time in two years.

I've noticed that especially this year during the few times we have meet, he has managed to make not-so-subtle-as-he-thinks touches at my arms, pecs, belly, back and side. Last month, we met up at an event I was supposed to have DJed and at some point during our talking to each other, he did what I think he thought was a subtle slap against my bicep in the guise of being friendly/guys being guys type thing.

Last night, we were at a farewell party for a DJ mutual friend of ours. I had seen him seated in front of the DJ booth at the event for at least an hour. I purposely stayed near the DJ booth and at some point in the night I felt a hand on my love handle as a means to get my attention. It was him. I played oblivious to it again and we chatted briefly.

Finally, we met up again at another venue that the mutual DJ friend of ours was performing later that night. The venue was not to his liking and he decided to leave but not without touching the center of chest/top of my belly in the guise of "ha ha! you stay here if you want, I'm taking off".

I would like your thoughts & theories on what has been going on between us and how I should handle this.
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