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As a completely new person here, it'd be disingenuous to try and claim that I have any sort of emotional investment in this board and its members. However, I can state WHY I chose to join just a short time ago.

I actually first heard of this place from a fellow classmate of mine. Apparently she has been a member of Dims for quite some time now. I confess, that before my conversation with her, I had never before heard of a "BHM/FA/FFA/BBW". Honestly, I was intrigued. Curiosity led me to this site, and now curiosity has led me to join.The people here seem interesting and different (in a good way), so for me I see this board as simply an opportunity to talk to and get to know people who I probably wouldn't have to opportunity to meet in my "normal circles". In my view, this is a whole new group of diverse people who, as different as they may be from me, have one thing in common. Either they're big guys like me, or they have an affinity for us big guys! So, that said, I hope to meet many interesting people!
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