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Originally Posted by strangeangel View Post
After reading through the last few posts, I am starting to wonder if I am becoming asexual again. The last time I felt this way was in February this year, when I decided to call off my monthly get-together with my FB. I didn't think I needed sex anymore, and it was beginning to bore me. And while I used to enjoy being a voyeur, I've found that I am very much desensitized to any form of sexual behaviour (e.g. porn) and almost nothing interests me anymore. Yes I can talk for hours about what I'd like to do but when push comes to shove, I quickly lose interest.

I am back with my FB again for our monthly rendezvous, but I always feel like there's something missing and I'm starting to become very mechanical towards her.
OK so just an update, but apparently my sex drive is back again

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