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Originally Posted by BothGunsBlazing View Post
I used to be a soft belly lover - until I googled "belly fat risks" and now I see how dangerous it is for one to have excess fat on their stomach.

all you softbellylovers need to stop being so selfish and advocating this sort of thing. No matter how much you delude yourself into thinking it's acceptable, it's not.
I read the article you placed a link to and nowhere in the article did it make a distinction between soft belly fat and non-soft belly fat.

As someone with diabetes, I'm well aware of the role that obesity plays in this disease, but hereditary and diet make up an equally large if not even more significant role in a person's chance of developing diabetes.

Seeing as how I've never heard any endocrinologist make a distinction between the harmful effects of fat that forms on the stomach and fat that forms anywhere else on the body (the article's byline simply said 'Mayo Clinic staff'), doesn't that mean that your term "soft belly lovers" is just a synonym for "fat admirers"? Are you really criticizing all FAs? And if you are, why do you continue to frequent DIMS?
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