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Default Up from the ashes

Ohmigod, what happened!

It was about 10:15 Thursday morning, a time in Kelly’s week that generally all of her personal computing assignments were done, her chapters read, and her quizzes completed, when boredom started to settle in, and when she usually logged in to give her personal facebook page some of her attention.
She’d been scrolling through her friend requests when a personal message came through:

Monet Shari Sommers>>>it’s back!!! search facebook for kay kay kegs!!!

Kelly did. It was a public page: no friend request required. She gasped as the page came up with that name and her face in the profile picture again.

What happened? I thought Monet deleted it?

She messaged as much to Monet.

Monet Shari Sommers>>>pretty sure they made a new one!!! There’s new pics!

Kelly moved to open the photos folder, then realized that like the other fake profile, photos were posted in the status feed. The ones at the top were new.

More importantly, they were recent. Pictures from The Speakeasy dominated the top of the feed, pictures that zoomed in on her anatomy: cleavage, hips, ass, thighs. More cleavage. More hips. More thighs.

Whoever took these was there!!!! He—she realized it could just as well have been a she, probably trying to ruin her—whoever it was was probably Greek. Probably Kappa Alpha. But maybe not. Other frat boys found their way in there, too. Maybe Phi Gamma! There were pictures of lower in the feed of her squeezed into her letter sweater on Bid Day. And fuzzy close-ups of her at the infamous All Greek Prep, including pictures of her with Monet, Marla, Jenn and Crystal on the front lawn of the Phi Gamma house, probably moments before Anthony walked up with the infamous Bone.

Just like before there were dozens of responses to the pictures. The rude ones immediately caught her eye: “PIGS,” of course, directed at her or at Phi Gamma more generally. A lot of “FATTY.” One particularly nasty one about having to “ROLL HER IN FLOWER AND … IF U CAN!!!” Comments from people who clearly knew what she’d looked like before. They were scary comments in a scary place and she shouldn’t have taken the time to look. But like passing a bad wreck on the highway, she couldn’t.

And as she looked more, it started to strike her how many comments weren’t rude, weren’t degrading. Oh, they all objectified her: it’s not as if people were posting about how sweet a girl she was or anything. But half of the comments, maybe even more, were complimentary.

Of course that was to be expected for the cleavage shots. And there was a LOT. Yes, a good number of cleavage shots. But by A LOT she meant A LOT of cleavage, and more and more as the night went on and she lost her self-consciousness. By the time she was sitting with Scott, they were practically spilling out and laying on the table.

At least I know it wasn’t Scott!

No wonder Lindsey was so pissed!! Kelly wondered what the girls must have been thinking Monday night when she as lecturing them about UNIFORM after that display!

The inarticulate comments were all “HOLY SHIT!” and “OHMIGOD!” and even “BNER!” Others actually used full sentences and communicated the same idea. But Kelly found similar admiration for her hips and thighs.

Moreover, so many of those comments were about how much she’d gained, and how she just kept getting better and better the bigger she got! There were even several mishmashes of her at her lowest weight—which Kelly could see were harvested from the photo gallery, which contained probably all of the shots that had been on the old page—compared with her highest weight that some overenthusiastic admirer had done, comparing the various parts of Kelly’s anatomy. One was a stage by stage progression that was labelled “The Evolution of a Growing Goddess.”

A Living Goddess! It made Kelly want to laugh. She’d never thought her fattening thighs made her into any kind of goddess!

Kelly heard the noise of one of the guys stirring in the back lab and quickly minimized the facebook page to help the guy check out of his training session. She had to take a minute to dissuade him from taking the last granola bar: subjects had become aware of the availability of snacks and had taken to asking for snacks after their sessions, which Kelly figured she would bring up in the next lab meeting as a potential problem in the study.

Besides, they’d stopped serving fruit this week for the first cohort and replaced them with M&Ms. This was the last granola bar, and Kelly wanted it.

Finishing one subject transitioned into wrapping up the other two, and by the time she was done, Kelly’s shock and confusion had settled down into a course of action. She maneuvered her hips between the arms of her chair before easing down: it had that tendency to roll back when she put her weight on it.

She unlocked her screen and maximized the fake facebook page—which she noticed had already accrued several new comments in the minutes she’d been away. She navigated back to her real page and was greeted by a new private message.

Monet Shari Sommers>>>want me to get that page taken down again?

Kellen Elizabeth Kingsley>>>No, thanks! I can handle it. Thanks for letting me know!

Monet Shari Sommers>>>no prob! reallllly creepy! going out tonight?

Kellen Elizabeth Kingsley>>>I know! Somebody’s stalking me!

Someone who maybe thinks I’m a goddess!
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