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Originally Posted by loopytheone View Post
This is a pretty interesting thread!

I know something that took me by surprise when I was with my ex was how much I liked his thighs. It wasn't something I had even thought of before but when he took off his trousers to get into bed and I saw his thighs for the first time my jaw was probably on the floor!
Oh my god, are you me?? No but really, that was something I never appreciated before I actually had real world fat guy experience, because it just wasn't on the radar. But oh man. Another thing was, I'd always been one of those people who didn't get the whole "cute butt" thing until glory glory hallelujah, I found the cutest butt on earth. The one on my guy. Be jealous, everyone else.

Bonus favorite thing that never entered my glowing romantic fantasies until they became reality: hugging from behind. This is now default pose for whenever we're waiting in line for something (or just anytime, anywhere that I have an excuse to slip behind him).
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