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Default Help or support please

Ok I know I'm new here so please bare with me. I've always had a fetish with women's bellies. The soft roundness. I live it.ast year my wife got pregnant and it was like a dream come true. But during her pregnancy I started to gain weight also. At first she liked the little extra chubby on me. We had fun with food also. By the end when my son was born I packed on thirty pounds. I went from 150 to 180. Now here's where I need help or support. I Love the extra weight. I want more. My wife she's dieting so I have to sneak food while at work. So far I've been able to gain about five more pounds in a little over a month. I would like to know how I can get the help or support to fatten me up some more. My goal is to be over 200. I'm 5'5 tall ands the weight has been going FTP my belly and just recently I've started to get moobs. I know there's no posting for personals. Sorry if it sounds like that. Trust me it's not. Info would be great. Thanks for taking the time and for you help.
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