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Originally Posted by happily_married View Post
Well, Johnny, did you ever go for it?

Personally I am a big fan and have done it to my wife several times. The thing is it has to be her idea. Generally her anus is a "no fly zone" but every once in a while she gets in a mood where she wants some attention back there. Sometimes this includes analingus. The last time we did it she was pushing my head into her ass and hissing "deeper!" It went on forever and we both eventually passed out. When I woke up her massive (_!_) was in my face! That's a good way to wake up!
No I haven't done it yet. I came very close, but haven't went in fully just yet. Its really hot being close though. She is too the point that she would go for it. She wouldn't stop me unless she felt uncomfortable at some point. Put it gthis way she'd let me start, just don't know how long she would let it go on, unless of course it felt incredible. Your wife have an orgasm from that alone or no?
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