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Default new and need help

ive only recently found a whole community of people who feel the same way as i do. ive been looking for years but for some reason i could never find anything on the internet anyway
im not a bbw but i do get massive urges to gain weight and have stuffed myself silly about once a year seeing what would happen but only while on a 2 week holiday or whatever
ive decided for the sucess of my job i cannot sadly become a gainer but seeing as i had recently gained a few pounds over xmas going from 126 to 134 pounds i thought i may as well add a few more before i go back to my normal size since i was just viewing this forum about 2 weeks ago
i thought i was at 141 but actually at 146 now so im gaining quickly and being so short its really showing
i dont have any before pictures as i didnt think i was actually going to do this
but heres some of me today, these are some shorts and shirt which i could wear perfectly fine just over a month ago! and i think im going to carry on stuffing myself untill the weekend or i hit 150-155 and will take a photo then as im going to have to lose this weight sadly
well we shall see what happens...

anyway my main point is i want to gain this weight quickly but on a budget so does anyone have any ideas on what to eat/drink if your on a budget?
thanks shelly
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