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So I come on here and simply ask a question about whether somebody knew of any bhm based dating sites. What did I get in reply? An oh so hilarious comment right off the bat and then a load of people trying to dissect my personality based on a couple of anonymous forum posts. I didn't ask for any of that I just asked for some links.

Some posts were helpful and I thank you but why the need for the dissecting of my personality? Did it ever occur to you that I'm more than just some forum posts? Did it ever occur to you that I can't actually be with the person I love and who loves me because they have a serious illness and that tends to fuck with that person's head which causes them to push me away? Did it ever occur to you I just want a bit of casual dating with an FFA because of some fetishes I have and I don't want exactly want to go dating with a view to finding a partner? I'm not trying to guilt trip I'm just saying don't judge me because I simply asked where else I can go to find ffas as opposed to the cliquey forum this one appears to be.
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