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Default Revised date

OK, how about Oct 23?

What I'll bring: some bread; 4 shell steaks; homemade garlic butter.

The bread gets toasted w/ the garlic butter on it; then, one grills the steaks. Each gets split, lengthwise. Yield: 4 yummy steak sandwiches.

The idea is to be minimalist with the utensils and other crap that have to be lugged out there. Also, not to have so much food that lots of left overs need to be lugged back.

Other suggestions:

Macaroni or potato salad.

Par cooked potatoes to be roasted, prewrapped in foil. (this person needs to bring butter, too; 1/4 stick per tater) Par cook the taters by nuking them for 5 minutes. Then, wrap em in the foil. If this person feels like bringing sour cream too, right on!

Caesar salad "kit", that comes w/ dressing n croutons.

Pickles and olives.

Whatever other meat you like...bratwurst...pork chops...burgers...whatever. If you're bringing sausages (Kraut soul food!) don't forget the mustard. Don't forget catsup if you're bringing burgers.

Everybody bring whatever booze they wanna drink. I'll have a pint of rum and a couple of Bud tall boys.

Oh, and someone bring salt and pepper.

Looking to have 6 - 8 people.

Lets do it! before winter settles in. THEN we can all go to Dallas BBQ.
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