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Default FA Relationships

I live with and love a girl that I've been dating for two years. She's moderately proportioned, with a nice body and fairly big boobs - the dream of most guys lives. As an FA, I would love to see her gain, and this is often the source of my fantasies. I'd love to see her gain, and encourage it, but the thought of either coming forward with my feelings or simply encouraging it makes me feel like a creep. We've discussed getting married, having kids and starting a life together - I am totally cool with this and would be honoured to live my life with this woman. Here's my question:

I'm an FA, and have been my whole life. Do I reveal this to my girlfriend, since we hold no secrets, or not? Is this the kind of sacrifice one makes for their partner, and should there be no secrets in a lifelong relationship?

I am very interested to hear what you all think, so please let me know. I'm assuming there are a few of you out there that have been through this, so please help me out if you can.
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