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That was a pretty harsh reply, although I understand where you're coming from Orange Mage. I suppose I should have been more clear in stating that I'd like to see her gain, but it's not a deal breaker if she doesn't. I'd love her at any size, that's why I'm so afraid to lose her if I reveal my kink to her. You're right, I don't want her to simply go along with it to please me, and if she doesn't like it then I don't want this to always be in the back of her mind. Sexual compatibility is a big freakin' deal - we wouldn't have been together for this long if we weren't already compatible. But, what if she's into something like sucking toes? It might be the kind of thing she could live without and still have a healthy sex life. Or maybe I'm totally wrong - that's why I asked for some advice.
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