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I find it bizarre that this didn't come up earlier. I've dated thinner (never thin) women before and I tended to mention my FA proclivities within the first few dates. It's a major thing for me and if they're hypersensitive about their weight I find it a massive turn off.

Furthermore I identify as a feeder, however I have never dated a feedee with the exception of my ex who weighed 420lbs when we got together, so weight gain was not a practicality that could be explored. In another relationship my partner knew about my fantasies and gained weight through the course of the relationship with little encouragement and knew how much I enjoyed it when she outgrew clothes or gained weight. She however was chubby when we started out together and had suppressed her appetite through her teens she also had thyroid problems which, coupled with the freedom to eat how she had wanted to meant she gained about 70lbs in 5 years.

For me, I'm happy for that kink to not be a major thing in a relationship, if it happens through happen-stance I'll usually make sure my partner knows how much I like her weight gain and accept it may be lost if she is unhappy with it and just enjoy it for the short-term.

However, I cannot surpress my need for fatness in a relationship. I've tried to, believe me, I've dated thinner girls and the physical side always died a death. It's the key to my sexuality and sexuality is a major part of any emotional relationship in which I engage. I cannot have the one without the other. It usually takes about 6 months, but then I find myself fantasizing about bigger women and longing to wake up next to a girl much larger than myself.

That is however me. If you can live without it then I don't see what the issue is. However if your partner does not fulfil you in a way that is intrinsic to you it'll exacerbate any cracks in the relationship further down the line. I'd personally be honest with her, she deserves to be in a relationship in which she is fulfilled as much as you and I personally think it is unfair to engage in a relationship with someone unsuited to you, be it emotionally or physically. What I cannot understand is why and how you can be with someone for two years and not have expressed these thoughts and feelings. Then again, I guess a lot of people bottle things up, whereas I'm generally too open.
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