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I'm glad that the article stressed the importance of openness in ace and non-ace pairings from the get-go because I have been in one for such a significant period of time that I now feel a bit trapped; people have choices, don't get me wrong, and I choose this person over sex, but it would have been ideal to know at its inception that this was the trip for which I signed on. I've been head-over-heels for this person for a decade and not having sex with them all that time apart from the first few months is an ongoing challenge for me that I'd not like to see anyone else struggle with.

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it does help a bit, thanks. i just have to really think about it as a concept to try to understand. the closest i can come is older people love. alot of older people are still romantic, but have long forgone the sex part of their relationship. is this close to the correct thinking?
This is exactly how I perceive it in my personal life. I'm not ace but I'm with someone who is, and it feels just like we have skipped decades of time into something that's transcended physical passion. It's still incredibly difficult for me but you make sacrifices for the people you love; it's just how we're hard-wired.

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