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I've had 4 children. The first took 3 years to conceive, but that wasn't due specifically to my weight. It was the hormone imbalance that comes from having PCOS. Once that was under control through changes in my diet, I got pregnant easily. My youngest is 3 months old. The month we decided "whatever happens happens", I got pregnant.

My pregnancies were fairly easy (I was 274 at 5ft tall when I got pregnant with my youngest). I've never had a miscarriage. And pregnancy has the side effect of weight loss for me. I don't gain anything at all throughout, and I walk out of the hospital about 20lbs lighter than when I started.

I've had c-sections for each child, however they have nothing to do with my weight. First one was for a botched induction that put my baby into distress. Each one after that was just a repeat.

They say that you have a higher risk of Gestational Diabetes when you're overweight and pregnant. However, in four pregnancies I've never had it and diabetes itself runs rampant in my family on both sides. Yet, I have a friend who is smaller than I am who had it with her second child. So I tend to think weight has less to do with it than they make it out to.

The ONLY thing that I missed from being fat and pregnant was the round pregnancy belly. No one can tell I'm pregnant until about 7-ish months along, and even at that it's because I wear loose flowing shirts that show off my "bump". I maintain a double belly throughout pregnancy.
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