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Default Are you high maintenance?

Talking with a friend of mine today, and she told me I'm a bit high maintenance. I asked how and her response was, "You have a small dog who gets dressed in pink, you get your nails and hair done, you dress well, you have tons of makeup, your really picky about how your SO portrays themselves (that is when I have one!), you speak your mind quite often, and you hate the taste of beer".

I've honestly never thought of myself as a high maintenance. Right now, I'm about as high maintenance as a rotting carcass, and I honestly feel like one at this point in time. I'm sick as dog.

Even though I do have a lot of makeup products, I rarely wear most of it. I hardly ever do the bright crazy everyday makeup I used to do. And yes, my pooch is spoiled. Why not? I don't have kids. The rest I can't argue with!

Do you sound like I am high maintenance? Are you or been told you are?
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