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Originally Posted by Marlayna View Post
You have a very lovely voice, I wish I could sing like that. Your handsome honey plays very nice as well. It's so nice that you have creating music in common.
Thank you for the compliment , especially the one to my hubby, he doesn't necesarily realize how beautiful he is. In fact he often suffers from low self esteem connected to a serious medical condition which affected his appearance at a critical stage in his teenage developement. I know he is attracted to women of girth, you know with some meat on her bones, so I thought it might be good for us to mingle with a community which includes large women so he can have the experience of women he finds attractive finding him attractive, besides me, lol. You know experience a little flirtation with women who have the potential to be senstive with him, because they have had similar experiences of social exclusion because of how they looked. We are here for some good clean, dirty flirtatious fun, play therapy. He's an amazing man, intelligent, sensitive loyal, a caring husband and a devoted father, So when someone makes a positive comment, like calling him my handsome honey, it makes me very happy, because I can show the comment to him and every comment like that chisels a little bit of the image, he sees of himself of the unlovable unattractive teenage boy and replaces it with the image of the handsome talented intellegent sexy man he is. So thanks
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