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Originally Posted by PeanutButterfly View Post
I think there are certain levels to being a feeder. I like weight gain but I wouldn't consider myself a feeder. I like fat guys. I like seeing fat guys get fatter but only to a certain point. As I just posted in another thread my limit would be somewhere in the mid 300s. I don't think I would enjoy encouraging a man past that, although I really wouldn't know as I've never been with someone that big. But I still wouldn't consider myself a feeder. If a guy is already fat when I met him then I'm attracted. If a guy happens to gain weight while I'm with him, added bonus for me. I guess I wouldn't consider myself a feeder because I don't *need* it to be sexually satisfied. Weight gain is just making what I find sexy even sexier.
I would put myself in the same category, genders reversed. I have a theory that feederism may be the result of a culture that insists people have to be thin to be "in". For example, I think it is a lot more culturally acceptable to marry someone who is thin, or only slightly heavy, only to see them gain a lot of weight after they are married, than to marry someone who is already very heavy. So then the fantasy becomes marrying someone who is a little chubby, who then happily gives up on dieting to feast on all the fattening foods that they have always craved, and steadily gains weight as a result. I have no idea if there is any validity to this theory, or if it is just a vain attempt at self justification.

In any event, if I am honest, I have to admit that women eating fattening foods is a turn on for me, if they are doing so of their own free will. Any involvement on my part however, beyond agreeing to buy the extra desert or bake them a cake, to me would be a major turn off. In fact, I'm not really turned on by the idea of a women trying to gain weight on purpose either, if that makes any sense. But if a women gets really fat (but not immobile) just eating what she wants to, when she wants to, that is intensely attractive to me. So would I be considered a feeder or not? Whatever it is, I don't think I can change it.
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