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Default Wowzers!

This site makes me feel like a dang unicorn lol. I think that there are more FFA's than we'd like to think because so many women can get away with saying that "he's just a big guy" and people don't consider it a fetish. I wish people were just more open about it. I'm 5'2'' and range between 160-170lbs which makes me fairly "proportionate" looking I suppose. I am your typical 20's something student.

I prefer my man to be soft all over and gaining. I am not "out" per se other than to my current roommate whom I drunkenly confessed to one night. She found it interesting and did not judge me for it (Thank GOD). I don't necessarily feel the need to let everyone I know in on this "dirty little secret" mostly because I do not need to hear their opinion on it. I joined this site recently just to learn more about myself and the world I seem to be apart of.

Nice to read all of your entries, very enlightening!
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