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Originally Posted by Tad View Post
Does your boyfriend know of your preference for men to be gaining?

In the end, it is your partner that is probably the most important, but hardest, person to communicate this stuff to. Not that you have to give them full details, but at least a good clue.

No he does not and I didn't know how to explain it to him so that's what got me researching all of this. I still am unsure of how to bring it up just because it is out of the norm. He is really smart so I'm sure he has heard of this before, but I am 100% unsure of how he would react. *sigh

My ex had figured it out for the most part, he was a wrestler and they have tendencies to starve themselves to make weight and that obviously drove me nuts and I was very vocal about how I didnt like it and one day he called me out.

All in all I would like to tell him one day...
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