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Ran for more than a few steps?
I've had to run from the car to a building on campus and vice versa a couple times when it's raining, so I guess in the last couple months, maybe sooner if I've forgotten something. Other than that, what's the rush?

Played a team sport?
Soccer, when I was, like... Heck, I dunno, late childhood-early teens? But I've never found sports all that entertaining.

Rode a bike?
Childhood. But I fell off one too many times and I quit risking injury by trying to balance on a pair of two inch wide spinning wheels.

Touch your toes?
Just did it. Now I'll challenge someone to stick their elbow in their ear and call them out of shape when they can't perform trivial feats of flexibility.

Jumped over something?
I have no idea. But there aren't exactly a lot of situations in a normal person's life where being able to jump hurdles is important.

Climbed a ladder (or tree, rope, etc)
Don't remember this one, either. I've climbed a tree or two in my youth, never a rope, and ladders from time to time, but I don't see the latter as something that would be something that would be hard for the typical 'overweight' person to do but easy for other people.
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