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Obviously, happiness is many things to many people. For me, it's knowing i am loved (family, friends, boyfriend and dogs), i have a roof over my head and a job to go to everyday. And especially control over my life. This isn't to say that my lack of money doesn't stress me out, or that my piles of bills aren't worrysome, nor that my high strung sister doesn't drain me emotionally. But they are little bumps on the road of life.

i've been through some very low points in my 30 years. For me, it's been about keeping positive and growing as a human being. i think the saddest points in my life were when i felt stagnant. Not growing in love, job or life. Feeling stuck and out of control of my life.

i feel fortunate to have everything that i do, a rewarding job, terrific friends, a loving family, adoring dogs and the cutest house i could ask for. (Oh! Don't forget the ridiculously adorable boyfriend )

i've seen the peaks and valleys. i know how horrible it can get. Regardless of how hard i've worked for everything i have, i always feel i'm quite the lucky woman.
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