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This has recently happened to me.

Close to six years ago, my current girlfriend and I got together. We sort of settled into things progressing towards her becoming the large one in the relationship (no qualms from me). In the beginning, she gained quite consistently but not too quickly. I saw it as an opportunity to cook for her often (as I love to) and of course, feed and pamper her as I've always dreamed of doing. Well, after about a year and a half, she began to level off around 225. Just on the cusp of the cutest little waddle, I might add (she's a bottom heavy gal). It was around this time that I realized just how big I had become during what was supposed to be HER gain.

Long story short, she began to really notice and love the big belly I had acquired and begged me not to lose it. About two years in, she expressed to me how sexy she thought it'd be if I were to gain more. Since then, she's embraced me as her 375 pound teddy bear. She's completely obsessed with my enormous belly and constantly reminds me to "take it easy, baby", as it's become a little cumbersome to walk. She's completely in love with my waddle and even more in love that she's the primary cause of it. She has since lost weight (around 180 now) as she says she enjoys the contrast of our bodies this way. I know I've never been happier in my life, than I am having my own, physically fit, big booty lover to feed me until I must lean back in bed to accommodate my corpulent tummy.

Oh, how the tables have turned.
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