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Originally Posted by ManBeef View Post
Cheating on my diet. I have been hard at work losing this 60lbs n I gave into the hunger pains. I have had worse but this time... IDK... I disappointed myself so bad
I say to you as I've said to all of my unhappy fat friends: I'd take those pounds off your hands if I could. In the meantime, you shouldn't be on a starvation diet anyway; without carbs and proteins, your body can't burn the fat. You're alive and fully capable of losing the weight, so it isn't the end of the world; just pick yourself up and keep going.

For me? Oh, where to begin...

First off, I live in my sister's back room. This is because my sister needs me to keep her family going; without me, quite literally, a lot of things just don't get done... like cleaning the cats' litter boxes, waking everyone up in time for school and appointments, etc.

Then too, I'm broke. Supporting my sister's family drained me faster than Dracula.

Then three, I'm currently the only one bringing in any money to the house. It isn't much of a job... I took over my sister's babysitting job next door when her leg went south... but it's something. Thing is, with just $100/week, I see that money just long enough to wave goodbye... I don't get a penny.

Then four, because I live with my sister's family, I'm not even eligible for benefits. Food stamps requires separate food storage, looking for work requires a car I no longer have (it broke), etc.

And finally...

This morning, they woke me up an hour before my alarm would have gone off to get ready for babysitting, because her husband was going to the store and couldn't take time to fix breakfast. After fixing a package of bacon and a half-dozen eggs (all the eggs left in the house at the time), I was out of time to actually eat anything and had to run next door, where I don't get to eat anyway. I literally had nothing to eat until after 7 PM.

The kids I babysit are, to be kind about it, pains. I'm forbidden to spank them, so when they start hitting each other, hitting the dog or giving me entirely too much drama to deal with, all I can do is remind them how their father is going to feel about what they're doing!

And with no car, all I can do to get away for any length of time is either walk to the park (and sit on a bench) or huddle in my room with my computer.

I want OUT!
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