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Feedee/Gainer here. I guess I have been this way all my life, actually had my first orgasm when I was young playing a game of Ladder & Snakes for goal to teach kids how they need to take care of their teeth. There were these little traps called the Chocolate Prison where little monsters would feed your yes you guessed it chocolate or the Marsh of Candy where yes one would be feed candies... For some reason I started to play to get into those traps with fantasies of having these little monsters make me put on weight and I would end up happy about it and even doing all I could to get bigger, that got me my first orgasm at 10 years old.

Also, I might find myself more sexy thinner (men tend to go for that), I do find myself more sensual and feel better when I am bigger, and the process of putting on weight and the changes in my body associated with it is a process terribly erotic for me. Its like an alcoholic I guess, I find as long as I dont put on weight I am good.... but when I do for any reason... it usually takes me a good 20 pounds before i usually find the strength to slow down.

Although this time, I am up to 25 pounds in the past 4 months and just cannot find it to get back to workouts and eating light... oh well.. as long as I am happy its what is important no?
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