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Originally Posted by CarlaSixx View Post
Did I really not post in here before?! OMG!

I am one of those CD lovers Like Cors said, though, creepy crossdressers aren't my thing. But if you take it pretty serious and go all out (shaving, makeup, etc) then that's pretty awesome

It doesn't phase me, really, when people cross dress. I'm an adrogynous person myself, and I hang out with a LOT of drag queens. So men in full hair and makeup is actually pretty normal to me.

There's only one open crossdresser that I know of in my city, which kinda sucks. He's made fun of a lot, but I heart him. He's a very sweet man. His wife tries to be as supportive as possible but they're both a bit older, and she was raised extremely catholic. It's against her beliefs, but she loves him and puts up with it. She even goes shopping with him sometimes. I think it's sweet that she at least tries.
I agree. I shave pretty much everywhere I can't cover up and I always try my best to make my makeup impeccable. Plus, I'm pretty damn stylish if I don't say so myself.
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