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The girls met in the morning and Lisa was not quite sure what this day would bring and how this will go. She never actually tried to gain weight.

They were seated at the big table in Mr. Baker’s living room and waited for the servants to bring the food. Mr. Baker had three servants: Mari, a plump Spanish woman in her 50s who did the cooking, Alfred (also in his 50s), the waiter, housekeeper and general servant and Jacob (38 years old), the driver of Mr. Baker and general assistant.

Clara told Mari to cook like before her diet began. As Mari came into the room she wanted to serve Clara the big breakfast but Clara made sure that it was for Lisa. Mari looked confused but did not say anything. She put the big tray in front of Lisa. It contained a four egg omelet with cheese and bacon, a chocolate muffin, orange juice, a large latte macchiato, butter and three slices of bread. Lisa’s eyes went wide. She was shocked by so much food.

She had her last muffin a few years ago and coffee she always drank straight as espresso. She tried to go low on carbohydrates and avoided bread.

“Go ahead. It’s all yours,” Clara said.

“I cannot eat that much. Impossible.” Lisa shook her head.

“Just try as much as you can. Let’s see,” Clara replied.

Mari came again and served Clara a small bowl of cereals. Clara was really trying to lose weight now. She thought it was worth the try and she wanted to see Lisa and how she did. Lisa worked through the omelet and the orange juice but was really stuffed afterwards. Her belly was not used to so much food. She wanted to quit.

“You have to eat it all. We must not waste food,” Clara said.

“I cannot. I simply can’t. Give it to Mari or the other servants,” Lisa proposed.

“No way. First you have to eat it as you want to gain and second the servants get their own food,” Clara said losing her nerve slowly.

“But I am too full. My belly hurts,” Lisa complained.

“That’s only the beginning. You have to get used to it. Simply take the tray with you and follow me.” Clara went to the TV looking for Lisa to join her.

Lisa arrived at the couch and sat down. The tray in front of her.

“Try to eat it slowly now. And don’t lead me into temptation,” Clara said with a grin.

Lisa tried to nibble on the muffin and drank her latte macchiato. She made progress very slowly and Clara thought that she needed to build up Lisa’s capacity otherwise this poor little girl will never be able to gain weight.

It took two more hours until Lisa finished her breakfast. She was lying on the couch and fell asleep from time to time. In the meantime Clara went to Mari and asked her to prepare only about a quarter of food Clara had before her diet started. She did not want to shock Lisa with too much food on the first day. She asked Mari to serve a cream soup for lunch, apple pie and tea in the afternoon and for dinner only one hamburger. Mari did as Clara said and Lisa managed to eat the food over the day. She even found some time to do a small workout when Clara was doing hers with Joe. Although Lisa was stuffed she trained hard for two hours.

This routine went on for a week. Lisa was getting more used to the food and started eating more, which was of course noticed by Clara who increased Lisa’s portions in week two. Although Lisa was eating more she did not really gain weight.

The girls had their weigh in after two weeks of the new regime:
Clara: 270 pounds. A loss of 8 pounds since her last weigh in. The weight loss was not really visible but Lisa again stared at Clara’s prominent curves.

Lisa: 118 pounds. Only a gain of 3 pounds. However the weight gain did not show any change in her body.

Clara calculated and said: “I lost more than 5 pounds and you did not even manage to gain 4. So for next weigh in you have to gain 13 pounds. Plus another 10 pounds as I intend to lose minimum 5 pounds again. Sums up to 23 pounds. I am sorry I cannot even allow to pay out one single EUR to you as you did not gain as agreed. I assume you have to gain faster and wait for next weigh-in to receive any money.”

Lisa was shocked: “But I ate as never before. I really tried to gain. I don’t know what happened.”

“Well you have a fast metabolism and you still do sports. And I guess you have to eat more.”

“But I ate what you would have eaten, or not? You did gain and I don’t?” Lisa said.

“Excuse me. I did not gain all my weight in two weeks! It took some time – years actually.”

“But I don’t have years I need my money latest in two weeks.” Lisa was almost crying.

“Don’t worry little girl. You have the perfect trainer. I will help you. We will manage.” Clara said to comfort Lisa.

Lisa was just thinking of earning some money she did not hesitate one second to agree. So from the next week on Clara tried her best to encourage Lisa to eat. And Lisa ate like never before. She now finished breakfast without problems and looked forward to lunch which now was a light snack and soup. She had a small snack in the afternoon and normal dinner in the evening. Clara was taking care that she did not overdo it. She did not want to scare Lisa. But the food Lisa was consuming was by far not what Clara had consumed before her diet started. There was still a long way to go to reach that point. In the second week Lisa got an additional course at lunch and had dessert after dinner too. She really tried her best but her stomach was still not used to large amounts of food and she felt stuffed every day.

However she still had time for sports which was a sign for Clara that Lisa still did not get enough food as she was still able to do sports in between her eating.

Clara on the other hand was really trying to lose weight. She followed her diet strictly and did not cheat.

After two weeks the next weigh-in arrived.

Clara: 262 pounds – again 8 pounds lost but no significant change visible.

Lisa: 123 pounds – a gain of 5 pounds. Lisa’s body changed slightly but she still had a body to die for. Her boobs seemed larger and her butt a little rounder. She gained the weight in all the right places.

Clara calculated again and said: “I lost 8. You gained 5 that means in total I lost 18 pounds and you gained 13. I think that’s ok. You deserve your first payment which is calculated according to your gain and my loss – as our deal is. Your gain of 13 pounds equals my loss of lets say 7 pounds means 7.000 EUR for you.”

“But you lost 18 pounds already – that means 18.000 EUR.” Lisa corrected.

“Nono. I know your contract but you have an additional deal with me, don’t forget that. You get 7.000 only because our deal says you have to gain twice what I lose. And so far you did not gain that much as everyone can see.” Clara said and poked Lisa’s belly.

“Be that as it may.” Lisa was shocked again. Was it the wrong decision to enter into this contract?

Lisa continued “How should I gain more? You said you are going to help me but I did not really gain much more than in the previous 2 weeks.”

“We will handle that. I will change something. And you should quit doing sports for some time. You burn too many calories.”

“But I need my daily sports routine.” Lisa did not want to quit her trainings.

“We will see to that.” Clara said and left the room smiling. She did not tell Lisa that she now had to gain 28 pounds which would bring her to quite chubby 151 pounds in total. Lisa did not calculate that herself.

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