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In the following week Clara really increased Lisa’s food intake. Breakfast consisted now of omelet or ham and eggs followed by a muffin or a donut, four slices of bread with butter, orange juice and café latte. It was still not exactly what Clara would eat if she could but this will come sooner or later.

Lunch was a three course meal with soup, main dish and dessert. In the afternoon a snack was served which was double the size of the one served a week before. And dinner was usually a big fattening meal with dessert on top. Furthermore Clara told Mari to serve a special milkshake to Lisa after lunch. She exactly described the ingredients of this milkshake which were half liter milk, one bar of chocolate, a can of whipped cream and 3 scoops of ice cream. Lisa managed to drink the milkshake but was too tired afterwards and did not work out anymore.

After a week Clara added one more milkshake, now to Lisa’s snack in the afternoon just as Lisa felt she was getting used to the huge amounts of food. But again with the milkshake she was too full.

The major change in Lisa’s eating habits was that she actually liked eating all the fatty and unhealthy stuff. It all tasted so good and she learned so many new kinds of foods which she never had before. By the end of the second week eating was no problem anymore and she asked for more donuts and a second milkshake in the afternoon.

Clara was happy with Lisa’s progress and looked forward to their next weigh in.

Clara stepped on the scale first: 257 pounds – only a 5 pound loss. She was a little disappointed. She really tried hard to lose weight now.

As Lisa stripped to her underwear Clara noticed the first signs of weight gain.
Her boobs and butt had grown further but most obvious was that her stomach lost its toned shape. Lisa’s boobs seemed to be too much for her bra and her panties cut into her new flesh.

Lisa stepped on the scale and read: 130 pounds. Lisa expected more as she thought she ate constantly.

Again Clara started to calculate. This time Lisa gained 7 pounds equaling 3.500 EUR as Clara lost more than 3,5 pounds. Lisa was not very happy as she knew – the more she would gain the more money she would get. But 3.500 was not bad for the time being. But in total Lisa was much behind schedule. Clara had lost in total 23 pounds, which equals a gain of 46 pounds for Lisa. But she only had gained 20 pounds in total. She was still 26 pounds behind schedule. Clara thought that maybe Lisa’s metabolism has to slow down first and then she would gain more easily. But Lisa wanted quicker progress and said:

“I have to gain faster. I need to stretch my stomach. I need more food. I need more shakes.”

“Relax little girl.” Clara tried to calm her down.

“I cannot relax. I lose money with every pound I do not gain. Tell Mari to give me more food.” Lisa was getting serious. She did not mind gaining anymore. She liked the food and she wanted to earn money. She thought she could lose all the weight later. She was still a diet expert and knew what food to eat to slim down and what food to eat to gain. And then it shot into Lisa’s brain:

“I know what we do. You tried already but obviously I have to increase my efforts. I want you to tell Mari to prepare the milkshake with more fat – not just an ordinary one. And I want 5 of them over the day. This will do it.”

“But the milkshakes are….” Clara wanted to tell Lisa the recipe of the milkshake and that it contained lots of calories already.

“Don’t say but. Please do it. I simply have to fulfill my contract, don’t I?” Lisa smiled.

“Ok if you wish.”

“And don’t forget to tell Mari to increase my portions” Lisa really was serious now.

“Ok no problem.” Clara thought that Lisa will not be able to eat all of that.

And she knew that she was up to lose more weight and that Lisa would never be able to gain twice the weight she lost. She was not even sure if Lisa really knew that this could mean to gain 200 pounds!

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