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In the following week Lisa’s portions grew again. She now was eating three to four times the amount of calories she had per day before this special diet started. She was really enjoying food now. And she started discussions with Mari about food. She often went to the kitchen and told Mari what to cook and she often tried new recipes of cakes, muffins or typical Spanish dishes.

Sometimes when Clara was watching TV with Lisa Mari came out and brought a muffin or a donut to Lisa just to try her newest creation. After dinner Mari always brought a midnight snack for Lisa which was her 5th meal of the day. Sometimes it was 6 scoops of ice cream with cream and chocolate sauce. Sometimes it was a large piece of cake. Lisa always ate it. She still stuffed herself every day but her stomach was now getting used to large portions and needed more food every day.

One day the girls went out shopping. Lisa needed new underwear and Clara smaller clothes. The girls split and shopped separately and decided to meet in two hours for lunch at McDonalds. Lisa was very surprised to learn that she grew from a 32B to a 36C. She liked her new figure. As agreed upon the girls met at McDonalds and Lisa said:

“Ok. I order what you should eat and you order what you would usually eat.”
“Deal!” Clara said and both girls ordered the food.

Lisa was quicker as she just ordered McSalad and sparkling water. She went to the table and waited for Clara who appeared a few minutes later with 2 trays. On the one tray there were two super sized BigMac menus and on the other tray two Big Macs, 6 McNuggests, 2 large French fries, a milkshake and two muffins.

“No way you ate all of that!” Lisa said.

“Believe it or not but I did. This is what it took to get me full. Let’s see if you are up to it.” Clara answered.

“Uff. This will be tough!” Lisa started to eat.

It was really a funny picture a large girl bringing lots of food to a relatively skinny girl who had to eat it all.

Lisa finished the first tray relatively easy but was feeling full already. She started with the third Big Mac and French fries, then she fought her way through the McNuggets. The last Big Mac was challenging but she was able to do it.

“That’s it. I can’t eat the muffins” Lisa was really stuffed.

“In that case.” Clara said and grabbed a muffin and wanted to eat it.

“Don’t you dare!!! That’s nothing for you!” Lisa shouted and took the muffin out of Clara’s hands. She ate it quickly together with the milkshake and the other muffin.

“Congratulations! Keep this up and you will get fat in no time! I promise!” Clara said.

“Wow I can’t believe I ate everything. My belly hurts!” Lisa said rubbing her tummy.

When they came home Mari awaited them with two big slices of chocolate cake and a milkshake for Lisa and an apple and water for Clara. Lisa ate the two slices and drank her shake and felt very stuffed again. She was used to this feeling now. She did not stop eating until she felt stuffed. Most of the times she had no chance anyway as there was too much food not to feel stuffed.

“If I were you I would eat another two slices and another milkshake!” Clara tried to convince Lisa to eat even more.

“You must be joking.”

“No I am serious.”

“Mari same again please” Lisa said.

It was obvious that Lisa was pushing new limits. She was stuffed already but she decided to stuff herself with a quarter of chocolate cake and a fatty creamy milkshake even more.

“Wow I have never been that full before” Lisa rubbed her belly.

Clara thought that she had heard this sentence every week in the last weeks and always Lisa ate more than before.

Then it was time for Clara workout session. A few weeks and pounds ago Lisa used this time for her own workout. Now she just plopped herself on the couch, watched TV or napped a little. Three hours later Clara returned and found Lisa sleeping in front of the TV. Her t-shirt rode up and exposed her softening belly. It slightly hung over her tight pants.

Boy this will be a new record gain this time, Clara thought.

Half an hour later Lisa woke up as right before dinner was served. Pizza for Lisa and light fish for Clara.
She ate the pizza quickly and felt stuffed again.

“At my best I ate four of them.” Clara said.

Lisa shook her head and said nothing. She knew that after all she had today she would seriously get into trouble eating the same again but she told Mari to bring two fresh pizzas. It was in total 3 pizzas and not 4 as Clara said but even those 2 additional pizzas took 2 full hours until she finished them. Lisa felt miserable. She could not move and simply sat there without a word.
Clara looked at the other girl and thought about the promising future. How fat could she get eating like that?

Two hours later Mari appeared with 6 donuts and a milkshake. Lisa’s midnight snack. Although she was still stuffed she ate it and nearly fell asleep at the kitchen table. Clara had to guide her to her room.

The full effect of Lisa’s slower metabolism was obvious a week after the weigh in. She was tired all the time after eating and did not want to move too much. And it was getting really visible that she was gaining now. Even her face was getting rounder. She looked slightly chubby now.

The days until weigh-in passed in a similar way. Always when Lisa finished food and felt stuffed Clara said she had double of that before her diet. And Lisa ate even more. While Clara went for her workout 3 hours a day Lisa was either sleeping or testing some new recipes with Mari.

Two days before weigh in the girls agreed to go out in the evening. When both girls left the house Lisa was feeling hungry again even though she had 3 plates of spaghetti Bolognese, 8 donuts, 3 shakes, 5 pastries and ham and eggs already. When both girls arrived at the place they had chosen (Burgen Heaven) they were seated and suddenly a girl from the neighboring table said:

“Hey Clara. How are you?”

Clara turned and said: “Hi Sally. Fine. How are you” as she turned she rolled her eyes obvious for Lisa to see that she did not like that girl.

“Fine too. I remember when we had our little eating competition here last time we met. You remember?”

Suddenly Clara had an idea: “Yes I remember. I ate a lot and defeated you and your friends.”

“Yes. I know. You are up for the challenge again? It was quite funny.” Sally asked.

“No. Not today. But I bet my friend Lisa here can beat you easily too.” Clara said pointing at Lisa.

“Hi.” Lisa said blushing.

“No way. She is skinny. Well compared to you. I am sure she cannot eat that much.” Sally said.

“We will see. Ok the loser pays the food, right?”

“Deal” Sally said grinning.

“Deal” Clara said.

“Thanks for asking me if I am interested in this nonsense at all.” Lisa complained. She looked at the other table where 3 girls were sitting.

“Don’t be silly. You will have fun and you will defeat them all” Clara said.

Then the waitress arrived and Sally and Clara ordered the food. Lisa did not really understand everything but they were talking quite long with the waitress. After 15 minutes the food was brought to the tables. It was too much for one waitress and so each table had its own. Lisa’s waitress placed 6 quarter pounders, three big servings of French fries, three chocolate milkshakes and three donuts on her table. The girls at the other table were laughing and started with their food.

“Go silly. Start. Eat as quickly as possible or you will not be able to make it.” Clara encouraged Lisa.

Lisa started. She did not think if she can make it or not. She simply started stuffing the first burger in her mouth. Quickly and after a few bites the first burger was history. The other girls had eaten about half of their first burger. However did not have any doubt of winning.

Clara looked at Lisa and how she shoveled the food into her mouth. This was amazing. Lisa finished with her second burger, the first French fries and one milkshake even before the other girls had finished their first burger. She was not sure if Lisa was chewing at all. It looked like swallowing only. Lisa made short progress of burger number 3, 4 and 5. She had one burger and half a pack of fries and full milkshake left. Not speaking of the donuts. The other girls had slowed down and were fighting with their second burger. They did not laugh anymore. They were seriously frightened now that they could really lose to just one girl. Lisa looked miserable. She was stuffed to the brim. She wanted to quit. She shook her head at Clara who said:
“Come on girl. You can do it. I know. You want to gain. You have to eat to gain weight. So eat it. This is the last burger. I was able to do it”

This last sentence was enough for Lisa to find motivation again. She ate quicker again. Not as quick as from the beginning but much quicker than the other 3 girls. And then it was over. Lisa stuffed the last donut into her mouth. She never felt that bad before. She was afraid to puke.

“Done ladies!” Clara said to the other table.

The girls went pale and turned, looked at the empty table and the very very full Lisa.

Without a word the girls stood up, paid and left. As the waitress cleaned their table she brought 4 remaining donuts to Clara and said the girls left them but paid for them. Clara accepted an put the donuts in front of Lisa.

“Here your bonus” Clara said.

“Crazy?” Lisa replied rubbing her swollen tummy. Everything hurt, even talking.

“I give you 100 EUR with your next payment for every donut you eat.”

“200” Lisa replied.


“Ok but can we go I have to lie down.”

Clara nodded and off they went. At home and before the TV Lisa nibbled on the donuts and was really able to eat all of them. She was half asleep already but kept eating them until everything was gone.

Clara thought: Wow this was really impressive. She is now able to eat as much as I ate before my diet. Crazy little girl. She will get so fat.
At the next weigh-in Clara again stepped on the scale first.

Clara: 240. A loss of 10 pounds.

Lisa was chubby! This was obvious even without the new weight results. Her belly showed even through the t-shirt. She was getting fat. Her arms were thicker. Her thighs too. Her whole body seemed to be covered with a layer of fat. As Lisa moved her belly slightly jiggled.

Lisa: 155 pounds: 15 pounds gain.

“Wow!” Lisa said. “It’s working!”

“Yep. Definitely. 7.500 EUR for you.“ Clara calculated how much Lisa was behind schedule. She lost 40 pounds multiplied by 2 means 80 pounds. Lisa has gained 45 pounds. She was still 35 pounds behind schedule.

“You know that I lost 40 pounds already?” Clara asked.

“Yes and it’s showing.”

“You know that this means you have to gain 80 pounds?” Clara asked.

“Yes and I am trying. But I believe it’s easier for you to lose than to gain for me.”

“Okok. We have some time left.” Clara said. She was surprised that Lisa still had no problem with her gain.

The last week has stretched Lisa’s stomach and she was eating about the same what Clara ate in her best days. Sometimes Clara pushed things a little further and told Lisa that she would eat even more now. Clara liked how Lisa was eating and stuffing herself to her maximum.

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