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karl has said some nice things

Lisa continued with the all-you-can-eat buffet tours and always finished between 17 and 18 plates. Clara was always with her and did her best to encourage Lisa to eat even more. Two days before the next weigh-in Lisa told Clara what she would eat tomorrow and where she wanted to go. She wanted to spend the whole day eating.

The day before the weigh-in started at a coffee shop. Lisa had 3 donuts, 2 muffins and 3 large chocolate milkshakes. After that they went to McDonalds where she had a small snack before lunchtime consisting of two super-sized Big Mac menus. Two hours later they went to an all-you-can-eat Chinese restaurant. Lisa sat down and Clara brought the food. She always brought two plates and as soon as the first one was empty she brought another one.

She made sure Lisa only had the fattest and a lot of breaded stuff. Lisa also had about a bowl of rice as a side dish. After 10 plates Lisa slowed down and Clara said:

“I’ll give you 100 EUR extra for every further plate you eat”

“Deal!” Lisa said and Clara went for more food. She now put as much food on the plate as possible which resulted in huge servings for Lisa. One of these plates would minimum be two plates for a normal person but Lisa did not think of it and ate and ate. After 4 more plates she was full but Clara already brought two more plates. One had half of a chocolate cake on it and the other one was a combination of cherry and apple pies. About 7 pieces each.

Half an hour later Lisa finished everything. She was clearly stuffed. Her white shirt was stretched to its maximum. Her belly rested on her legs and was breathing heavily. Lisa just earned a few extra Euros.

Before they left Lisa went to the toilet. Clara had a closer look on her behind and estimated that she might have gained 15 pounds already since last weigh-in and the day was not over yet. She was now really chubby. And her tight clothes underlined that even more. She had love handles and her butt jiggled slightly. Every gained gram of fat was visible on her.

She is getting so fat so quickly. I feel guilty somehow. But she does not complain and therefore I don’t stop. I think she would have trouble to stop now anyway. Clara thought

As Lisa came back from the toilet Clara saw that her butt was sticking out in front of her and her massive tits jiggled with each step.

“Let’s go home. Need some sleep,” Lisa said and the girls left.

After 3 hours of sleep Lisa was woken up by Mari who placed two milk shakes and a plate of muffins in front of her. Even though Lisa was not hungry she started to eat again as she had to wait for Clara who was working out anyway. Mindlessly she watched TV and ate and drank everything. She even asked Mari for a third shake to wash down her 10th muffin. As she finished her last and 12th muffin Clara arrived and saw the empty plate and how swollen Lisa looked.

“You had a small snack again?” she asked.

“Yep. Just a few shakes and muffins,” Lisa replied.

“Wow. I thought you would only eat pizza for dinner but nothing else,” Clara said.

Lisa just grinned and said nothing. The girls watched TV and Lisa fell asleep again.

After two hours Clara ordered pizza. The day before Lisa said she wanted 3 pizzas in the evening but Clara ordered 5 with extra cheese. Soon they were delivered. She did not want to put Lisa in front of 5 pizzas so she cut them into 6 pieces each totaling in 30 pieces of pizza. As she put the first two pieces on the table Lisa arrived and said, “Ah very good. Pizza is here already. I feel kind of hungry again.”

She sat down and started eating. Clara talked to her and told her a few jokes and stories. Lisa did not count how many pieces she had already and after 18 pieces she felt full.

“Puh. Three pizzas are a lot today. How much more is left?” Lisa asked.

“Just a few pieces. Take your time – you will manage.” Clara replied not telling her that she had consumed three pizzas already and now had two more in front of her.

Again she talked to her and Lisa did a good job eating the next six slices. After that she wanted to quit.

“Come on. There are just a few left.” Clara encouraged her.

“Don’t know. Today I ate too much already. Cannot,” Lisa said slowly.

Lisa was able to eat two more slices herself and then Clara sat down next to her and helped her with the last 4 pieces. Lisa did not want to open her mouth anymore but Clara always succeeded in shoveling more pizza into Lisa. The last two slices took 10 minutes each but finally Lisa finished five pizzas all herself. She looked miserable and somehow pregnant. She did not want to move and simply sat there.

“I am really proud. Let me tell you that you just ate 5 pizzas and not only 3!” Clara said.

“You mean fat girl!” Lisa said but started smiling.

“I am not the only fat one anymore.” Clara started rubbing Lisa’s belly.

“No wonder I am getting fat. Just think of what I had today. I feel like I can watch my body expanding literally,” Lisa answered.

The girls sat there and talked for two more hours. Shortly before bedtime Mari brought a shake and half a gallon ice cream to Lisa.

Lisa was not feeling hungry at all but thought to herself: like it matters today. She ate everything and went to bed stuffed.

Next day was weigh-in. Lisa who had no clothes which fit anymore appeared in her underwear. And even her underwear was minimum one size too small. Everything jiggled and wobbled. Her belly still stuck out and she was really chubby. Clara could not believe her eyes. Lisa’s bra and panties cut deep into her new fat as she stepped on the scale.

“187 pounds,” Clara announced. “A gain of 18 pounds!”

“Wow. Beat that!” Lisa said!

Clara stepped on the scale and it read 225. A loss of 8 pounds.

Lisa gained more than double what Clara lost and was proud.

“You really deserve it this time. I have never seen anyone eat so much as you did in the last days,” Clara said and wrote the check which just needed to be signed by Mr. Baker.

“Thank you. I plan to continue like that for the next weeks minimum.” Lisa replied.

Poor girl. You will get so fat and you will never be able to lose it again. Clara thought.

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