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Long ago I came across this size classification system from a board years ago. I had saved it when I saw it. I thought it was interesting how they did this list. I don't remember who made it, but I thought I would post it.

ANSI (Admirer's National Standards Institute)
Weight Classification System
(Draft Standard)

The system is based on letter codes that change at 100 pound intervals. Intermediate levels (50 pound midpoints) are found by doubling the previous letter code.

Assignment of a BBW to a category is based on percieved weight. That is, if a woman looks like she weighs 300 or so pounds, she's in the Supersize category. It does not really matter if she weighs 270 pounds since she seems to be as fat as women known to weigh 300. This accounts for height differences and so on. To communicate size, perception is the most important factor.

To help remember the codes and weights, remember "Love Huge". The codes start at 100 and the letter codes spell "LVE HUGE".

Range Code Description
------- ------ ------------------------
100-150 (L) Lightweight
150-200 (LL) Larger Lightweight
200-250 (V) Voluptuous
250-300 (VV) Very Voluptuous
300-350 (S) Supersize
350-400 (SS) Super Supersize
400-450 (H) Hypersize
450-500 (HH) Heavy Hypersize
500-550 (U) Ultrasize
550-600 (UU) Uber Ultrasize
600-650 (G) Gaiasize
650-700 (GG) Greater Gaiasize
700-750 (E) Exasize
750-*** (EE) Extra Exasize

Not a BBW (NA)
This is not shown in the scale for simplicity. If you need to refer to a thin woman's size, use "NA".

Most women in this range are thin. It's possible to be chubby if you are in this range, so it is included in the scale.

Larger Lightweight
Women in this range are well-padded. A lot of women in the U.S. fall into this range. They have something to offer to FAs and non-FAs alike.

Lookin' good with 50 pounds of fat or more. A large percentage of the women in the BBW community fall into this range. Undoubtedly fat, with the major weight distribution patterns becomming visible. If you are going to carry it in the belly at higher weights it should be apparent now.

Very Voluptuous
More of the good stuff. Many ladies in this category are headed for bigger numbers in the future. This is a gateway to higher weights some, and a comfortable, stable spot for others. Features often contrast the most at this weight. To have disproportionate belly, breasts or butt, you need enough fat to show it, but not so much that your features smooth out.

One of the most commonly used terms and a subject of discussion and argument. Relax. If you look Supersize to the expert FA, you are Supersize. If you feel Supersize, you might want to get a second opinion, but you probably qualify. A landmark - she is carrying her body weight in fat. Features such as a narrow waist can still exist in this range, but are less common.

Super Supersize
No doubt about it, BBWs in this category are VERY fat! Although they are big, SSBBWs are likely to be encountered in public often. Similar to Very Voluptuous, Super Supersize is a gateway category. Women in this range will often stay in the range for a long time, then shoot into higher categories for a variety of reasons.

Often a "bottom weight preference" for guys that like their women extremly large. At 400 and above the "Oh, my God!" factor starts to kick in. The body is now dominated by fat in a delightful way. Some freedom is gained in this bracket. It is not possible to diet for a few months and get thin, so many Hypersize women are not constantly tormenting themselves to diet.

Heavy Hypersize
Many Heavy Hypersize women are afraid that they will never stop growing and slide into immobility. At triple "normal body weight" the woman's body and habits certainly urge her to be very large. Crash diets and surgery are often tried, but the BBW often returns to Hypersize or larger.

As evidenced by Dimensions' 500 club and other sources, this range has special status. Even the strongest women at this size are slowed down quite a bit. Many extreme FA's "dream woman" is in this category. These women can look after themselves, but there's no denying that they are considered huge by most standards.

Uber Ultrasize
If a woman crosses into the Ultrasize range, her body has such affinity for fat that just about anything is possible. A woman that manages to put on 50 pounds or more after passing 500 probably has a very high food intake. 500+ pounds of body tissue requires a lot of fuel, even if most of the tissue is fat.

Earth mother. Activity is probably low, since the body's frame is not meant to carry this much weight on long walks. The body has probably smoothed out quite a bit, turning into a soft spherical shape. Folds and large pockets of fat certainly exist, but the entire body has filled out to contain the weight.

Greater Gaiasize
50 pounds difference is harder to notice when you get to this size, but the keen eye might be able to tell the difference.

There are real women this size, but most exist in weightgain fiction and fantasies. You are likely to see an Exasize woman sitting up in bed, with expansive layers of fat spread out before her. For comfort, the BBW usually spreads her legs wide, and lets the belly rest between them. Mobility is a big issue. Most women this size will only make trips to the bathroom with assistance. Meals and entertainment are usually provided in bed.

Extra Exasize
The top of the scale. There are higher weights to be sure, but there few instances of women that size, so it is practical to discuss them individually.
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