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I apologize this is so long! My thoughts were fluid and I noticed not the length whilst I typed. But I feel like I should interject somewhat on the fashion front with some background knowledge. I myself am larger than "average woman" and have always struggled to find cute clothes as well. I was always disgruntled at the fashion industry for not providing more options and all the other points y'all made so I honestly know the struggle and frustration. But then I got a job IN the fashion industry.
I was the assistant to a fashion designer for two years. And even one who started specializing in clothes for big breasted women. Then I found out the truth and what they said turned out to be legitimate. When you make a bigger size of a style, you are not simply "using a little more fabric". Quite the contrary. Aside from it being a much more significant fabric usage due to the yards of fabric needed to lay the size appropriate markers down and scrap error, in order to make a garment of any size, it goes to a sample maker, a pattern maker, a marker THEN contractors (the cutters and sewers and dyers and whatnot). The problem starts with the patterns and markers. When you enlarge a size, you are not simply adding an inch around each side or anything like that. You are redesigning it. You have to take into account many things, like belly size will make the shirt rise and shorter or the pants higher, arm placements and shapes will be different, necklines different., etc. Bigger bodies aren't made like skinny bodies but with just a few inches symmetrically bigger. Larger bodies are a whole different ball game and shape (a beautiful and delicious ball game but different nonetheless).

And that's where all those terribly fitted plus sizes clothes come from that we complain about. From companies trying to put out those sizes while being able to afford it. Because in order to be able to afford production, companies WILL try to cut corners and just add those inches here and there without reformulating the patterns and markers. And what do you get? Clothes that right to a real body.

There are a lot of designers out there with integrity for quality of work and would LIKE to, in a perfect world, be able to mass produce every size. Of course. Profit and more people wearing your clothes. But it is not always possible with the costs of production. Period. People go bankrupt trying. So instead of putting out terribly fitted clothes, they won't make plus size. Huge companies with the dough could afford to, but with them, it's not so much about money (even though it still is) but about target demographics and company goals.

And the whole thing with Old Navy's men's plus being same price? Men's clothing is different in that men don't generally care how good their butt looks in those pants (aka, allowing for more tolerance of ill-fitting garments that cut those corners) or quality of production and material.

It sucks. It does. But it's not the designers being haters. The majority of designers are broke as a joke. You wouldn't BELIEVE the costs of designing and producing. It's ludicrous. They have so many things they would love to do but simply cannot. I've been on both sides and it ain't pretty from either unfortunately. I just wanted to share my experience and knowledge

As far as dating? I agree with all the points made. Mostly about lack of confidence from both admirer and the big and beautiful. Our culture makes us feel ashamed. It really does. It's tough. I've dated non-FA people . Some who tried to change me and some who seemed to try and accept me but then I could sense awkwardness in situations where my size came up. Like when they'd introduce me to certain people or when certain situations came up like swimming, they seemed uncomfortable, even upset. One FA who left me for a bigger girl (Boy is that a weird experience to be told by the world you are too big but then told from someone you like that you just aren't big enough.) and I dated one bbw who all she could talk about was how disgusting she felt and looked even though I told her she wasn't. She would always ask what was wrong with me or what my ulterior motive was. It was a daily and weary thing. I guess everyone would say dating can suck but I can't help but feel FA and BBP have extra complications than the average bear.
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