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Default A serious question - for both genders


Please, understand this question seriously: I really need feedback both from BBWs and FAs.

I'm 30, people say good looking, educated, have a nice job. I really like BBWs - not just sexually, but a relationship with a bigger girl simply fulfills me much more than a relationship with an average sized girl. It's important to mention, I'm not looking for one night stands.

I am quite open with my BBW preference with my friends and family. However, I have a big problem: I simply don't meet enough big girls! Let me explain reasons: when I go out with friends, I see many beautiful girls. However, my mates who aren't into them (although they know my preference and respect it) are simply not into getting into knowing them. For them, girls I like are simply uninteresting and therefore they tend to try to approach another girls. Of course, I'm always a minority, so I don't really have a say...
On the other hand, if I go out alone and approach girls, they usually find me a weirdo loser. Probably they're afraid of me or something, but lone ranger approach simply doesn't work. At least for me.

Now, I'm a nice guy (at least I think so), and when I like the girl I end up with her notwithstanding her size. Simply, for the wrong "sample", I tend to end up with smaller girls. After a while, of course, I find such a relationship unsatisfactory, and it quickly ends. I simply have no sexual passion for boners! I had only two or three BBW relationships in life, but I'm picky: I'm not with girls just because of their size, and we simply weren't a right match.

I must emphasise: I don't have a general problem of finding a girl. On the contrary: this weekend, for instance, a skinny nice girl approached me in the pub but I just didn't find her attractive.

Now, as I already said: please help. Girls, could you give an advice how to approach you. Guys, I'm sure that at least someone else had the same problem.

Thanks a lot! I know the question sounds funny, but for me it's serious!

Thnx a lot!
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