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As a recent BBW (and by that I mean....recently accepting of my current size), I can sort of understand what you mean. Through my teenage and college years, if a guy approached me at anytime, I immediatly decided he was making fun of me or had a bet going with his friends across the room that he would hit on the fat girl. I spent many years not giving any guy the time of day. I stopped them in their trackes before the first words fell from their mouths. I will not be your victim. Looking back, that was some of the stupidest times of my life. I missed out on so much by not trusting anyone at all and it took alot before I would actually just be cordial to a man in a And while I still have the tendency to act like a total bitch, these boards have made me realize that there are plenty of men that beleive I am attractive and I can actually open up and let them in.
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