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Originally Posted by Tad View Post

So, for those of you who are militantly casual in dress, I'm curious:

- do you agree that how we dress and groom ourselves play an important role in how people respond to us?

- are your casual choices a deliberate attempt to send a particular message about yourself, or simply a matter of comfort and convenience?
1. for sure, i agree with that

2. i'm not militantly casual, but i am militantly quirky when it comes to clothes.

i would say my motivation behind my style is simply that i wear things i think are comfy and adorable. what my style could also be saying to others? that i don't consider myself an actual adult and don't want to be treated as such, that i have a quirky artistic/creative personality and a vivid imagination, and that i loathe being thought of as 'womanly' or 'sexy' and am much more comfortable with going for 'cute'. all of which is true.

tl;dr: i think clothes send messages even when we're not consciously trying to make those statements. just by dressing in a style that apprals to you, you're showing people something about your personality.

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