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Originally Posted by Hozay J Garseeya View Post
I hope this doesn't come off as an attack, because it's not, I'm actually curious and interested.

You mentioned you're a professor, what do you wear to work?
fortunately i teach music courses. :-) so i wear whatever i want. music/dance/theater/studio art instructors can get away with a lot. i wore simple tan dress pants, a matching fitted short-sleeved jacket and black top with simple beige character shoes to my job interview. everyday teaching though, anything goes.

oops looks like i edited my post as you were replying to it. right after i wrote it i was like meh, no one really cares what i'm wearing today. but imho it's a fun game, to see how i can incorporate my favorite things into an outfit that looks whimsical yet still in the realm of contemporary and occasion-appropriate. today: fitted glittery panda t shirt, black leggings, tan corduroy jacket, and black rocket dogs that i found at a thrift shop for $10.

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